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What TO bring and what NOT to bring to HHW Collection Day

What to Bring?

General Household:
• Paint
• Alkaline batteries
• Drain & oven cleaners
• Mercury thermometers
• Wood cleaners, polishes, & waxes
• Metal Polishes
• Floor, upholstery, and rug cleaners
• Disinfectants
• Aerosols
• Bathroom cleaners
• Bug spray


• Fluorescent bulbs
• Wood stains, varnishes, & sealants
• Paint thinner, stripper, & other

• Lacquer & lacquer thinner
• Fungicides & wood treating

• Automotive cleaners & fluids
• Grease & rust solvents


• Insecticides
• Poisons
• Pool chemicals

What not to Bring?

No more than 50 gallons or pounds of waste per vehicle without prior approval.  Contact  NVCOG  by  Monday  before the  collection  date  if  you  think  you might exceed this limit.

No Car Batteries (Check with your town recycling center.)


No Motor oil (Check with your town
recycling center.)


No Empty containers of any kind


No Explosives


No Propane tanks


No Medical or biological waste

No Commercial or industrial waste


No PCB’s

No Asbestos

No Medications

No Tires

No Smoke detectors

No Air conditioners

No Household Appliances

No Electron

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