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Press Release - Results of Middlebury 2017 Revaluation

Press Release

Results of Middlebury 2017 Revaluation

January 31, 2017



Chris Kelsey, Assessor for the Town of Middlebury will certify the 2017 Grand List today.


Overall the Grand List was down .3% from last year.  The last town-wide Revaluation was done in 2011 as State law requires they occur every 5 years. A majority of residential homeowners saw a small decrease of 2% in their assessment, while many condominium owners noticed a small increase of 2.5%. Vacant land also showed a decrease in assessment since the last revaluation.


We have seen many successful results due to the recent economic development and the addition of many units in the Ridgewood community,


However, the loss of the Triangle Hills neighborhood and the surrounding community has been very distressing for our Town and its residents; and continues to affect the 2016 grand list.  The Town has lost 71 taxable properties over the last 5 years and has made grand list growth difficult, but with that project complete and economic development remaining stable the Towns outlook is very positive.


Additionally, the stressful impact of the planned CPV Towantic Energy plant remains an enormous concern to the Town of Middlebury and those joined with it in opposition to the impending power plant.


Middlebury continues to suffer the consequences of the fallout from the airport and the power plant.

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