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Be it resolved by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Middlebury that in order to provide a systematic and uniform standard of Policy of Purchasing the Board hereby adopts the following procedures:



Any and all services, other than professional, consultant, security/safety and emergency measures or other contractual services which are in their nature unique and not subject to competition, rendered to the Town under express agreement. The terms shall not include leases for and the sale of land, buildings office or other space required by the using agencies.



This includes any and all articles or things which shall be furnished to or used by any Town agency. The Town will take advantage of pricing savings available through the State consortium or other group bidding policy.



Requisitions for the purchase of supplies or contract services for any department (using agency) shall be reviewed and approved by the Chief Financial Officer prior to the issuance of a purchase order or contract for such supplies or contractual services and shall be signed by the Department head or their authorized agent. The Chief Financial Officer (or his/her delegated representative) shall be the purchasing agent for the Town for all its' Departments, Boards or Officers. The Town will take advantage of pricing savings available through the State consortium or other group bidding policy. NO OTHER BIDS OR FURTHER CONTRACT AWARDS ARE REQUIRED.


REQUSITIONS REQUIRED                                

Each of the various Departments and Officers shall submit requisitions for materials, services and expenses, and capital outlays required by them for approval/and issuance of purchase orders.  All purchases over $500.00 must have a purchase order prior to purchase.  All requisitions over $5,000 must have three quotes.  Oral approval may be given in emergencies, but must be immediately followed with a written purchase order. In case of emergency the First Selectman may in the best interests of the Town waive the procedure outlined herein.

A purchase may be made or contract awarded for a supply, service or construction item without a competitive bid when it is determined that there is only one source for the required supply, service or construction item.



When required items over $10,000 unless on State, Federal or other Municipal bid already shall be published in a newspaper, having a general circulation in the Middlebury area, inviting all interested vendors and contractors to submit bid proposals to the Chief Financial Officer. Vendors may be added to the bid list at anytime or at the instruction of the Chief Financial Officer. 

The Chief Financial Officer shall solicit sealed bids from all responsible suppliers who have requested their names be included on the bidders list by sending them a copy of such newspaper notice or such other notices as will acquaint them with the proposed purchase or sale. Purchases made from regional or state agencies will be exempt from the bidding procedure. The Town will take advantage of pricing savings available through the State consortium or other group bidding policy.


All bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Chief Financial Officer and when deemed necessary shall be accompanied by surety in the form of a check, cash or bond in such amount as shall be prescribed in the public notice inviting bids.



All purchases or contracts shall be awarded to the lowest bidder with the qualities of the article, merchandise or service to be supplied in conformity with the specifications and their suitability to the requirements of the Town Department involved. In the event any bidder shall refuse to accept within a time specified by the a contract awarded to him/her, he/she shall forfeit the bond to the Town and such contract may be awarded to the next lowest responsible and qualified bidder subject to the same terms and conditions.

The First Selectman shall have the power, when he deems the interests of the Town are best served: to reject any and all bids and award the contracts to the most qualified bidder(s); to waive any informality; or to accept an alternative proposal approved of by the Board of Selectmen. In the case of a tie bid, the award shall be made to the bidder who has performed previous work for the Town provided all the work performed was satisfactory.



No contracts shall be awarded to a bidder who owes the Town of Middlebury taxes, etc. Nothing in the established policy will prohibit the Town from taking advantage of price savings available through State consortium or other group bidding policy.


These Purchasing and Bidding Procedures shall become effective as of April 7, 2014 and may be revised at the discretion of the Board of Selectmen.

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