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Assessor's Office


The Assessor’s office performs annual real property inspections pursuant to observed physical change and open and closed building permits. Real property maintenance includes physical and legal changes made to all real property such as ownership information, building permits issued, and land use approvals such as lot line revisions and approved subdivisions.

Personal property maintenance includes the reconciliation, valuation, and listing of property (primarily that associated with a business) as filed by each owner on November. The Assessor’s Office performs ongoing personal property audits to insure all business property is accounted for and is assessed in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes.

Motor vehicle maintenance includes the verification, accounting and valuation of data provided by the CT Department of Motor Vehicles. This office also issues motor vehicle tax credits based on required proof as required.



Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §12-41, 12-42 and 12-43 each person and business liable to pay property taxes in the Town of Middlebury is hereby notified that they are required by law to submit to the Assessor’s Office a written or printed list properly signed and sworn to, on a form supplied by the Assessor and approved by the Tax Commissioner, of all the TAXABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY belonging to them and subject to taxation in the Town of Middlebury.  This declaration of property must be submitted to the Assessor on or before Monday November 1, 2021.

This includes any or all of the following:

Office Furniture and Equipment                                  Farm Equipment
Leased Equipment and Machinery                             Horses
Restaurant and Store Fixtures                                    Tractors
Electronic Data Processing Equipment                      Trailers
Mechanic Tools                                                           Machinery
Unregistered Motor Vehicles

In compliance with Connecticut General Statute § 12-71b(g), this also includes any Motor Vehicle located in the Town of Middlebury and registered in any state other than Connecticut.

Real Estate, CT registered motor vehicles, airplanes or boats do not have to be declared.

If the Personal Property declaration is not filed with the Middlebury Assessor’s Office within the specified time, a value of property will be estimated and a penalty of 25% will be applied.