Welcome to Middlebury, Connecticut
Welcome to Middlebury, Connecticut

Watertown Road Drainage Repair Project

Watertown Road Drainage Repair Project (continued from homepage)


The first phase of the project is to inspect and repair any deteriorated storm water drainage pipes and culverts that run beneath the road’s surface.


The next phase of this project will be to mill off the top layer of the old road surface and replace it with a fresh new layer of asphalt. Following the resurfacing work, DPW will put the finishing touches on the project by repaving driveway aprons and replacing the curbs that were disturbed during the construction work in addition to resetting street signs, loaming and seeding the shoulders and pavement marking.


Please slow down and drive safely in our work zones, during the construction period it will be necessary to close travel lanes in one direction or another each day and it may become necessary to completely close the road to all vehicular traffic from time to time due to safety concerns.


Road rehabilitation work may cause temporary inconveniences to residents living in the area simply because of the nature of the work but your patience during this time is appreciated. Residents living on Old Watertown Road should know that access to their driveways shall be maintained during all phases of the project (if at all possible). When complete, these needed improvements should extend the road’s useful lifespan for another twenty years.


Please note – Freshly placed asphalt is very hot, in fact it is between 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit immediately behind the paver so please do not walk your pets on or across freshly paved asphalt as it will burn their paws!  Also, if you are walking on or near the road on the day we are paving, consider that the primer tack coat oil as well as the oil used in the production of bituminous materials is not easily removed from your feet, your pet’s paws, shoes, carpets & floors.


If you have any questions, please call the Department of Public Works at (203) 577-4170.  

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