Welcome to Middlebury, Connecticut
Welcome to Middlebury, Connecticut

Hearing Screenings

You can have a free health screening with Howard Raff, Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, at the Middlebury Senior Center on April 20th.  Please call for appointment.  203-577-4166.


Today more than ever it is vitally important for all those 60 years and older to have their hearing screened at least once a year.  A hearing screening is a very simple pass or fail test designed to tell us and you if your hearing ability may be compromised.  Hearing loss is usually a very gradual process, and you may be the last to realize that you are indeed not hearing properly.


With hearing problems, people tend to withdraw.  If you struggle to understand conversation, the tendency is to avoid those situations  Hearing loss can lead to depression, withdrawal of affections, loss of wages, more fighting between spouses and relatives, and an overall change in quality of life.


One of the largest contributors to falls and falling is untreated hearing loss.  According to recent research, besides the normal risks associated with falling, a known contributor to falls is untreated hearing loss, which has been linked in multiple studies to a significant increase in the risk of falls.  This information needs to be shared with the most susceptible group, those over age 65.


Another significant finding is between hearing loss and dementia.  “Seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing.  Declines in hearing abilities may accelerate gray matter atrophy and increase the listening effort necessary to comprehend speech…Hearing aids may not only improve hearing but preserve the brain.”


It is highly recommended that you take the necessary steps and arrange for a hearing screening…..DO IT TODAY! Your health is at risk.



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