Welcome to Middlebury, Connecticut
Welcome to Middlebury, Connecticut

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Angela Leveille Social Svcs. 203-758-4166 aleveille@middlebury-ct.org
Barbara Whitaker Selectmen 203-758-2439 bwhitaker@middlebury-ct.org
Betty Proulx Recreation 203-758-2520 bproulx@middlebury-ct.org
Brenda Carter Tax Office 203-758-1373 bcarter@middlebury-ct.org
Brigitte Bessette Town Clerk 203-758-2557 bbessette@middlebury-ct.org
Charlotte Freer WPCA 203-758-2747 cfreer@middlebury-ct.org
Chris Kelsey Assessors 203-758-1447 ckelsey@middlebury-ct.org
Connie Brunswick Finance 203-758-1770 cbrunswick@middlebury-ct.org
Curt Bosco Zoning 203-577-4162 cbosco@middlebury-ct.org
Dan Norton Public Wrks. 203-577-4170 dnorton@middlebury-ct.org
Debbie Seavey Wetlands 203-577-4162 dseavey@middlebury-ct.org
Donna Hine Library 203-758-2634 dhine@middlebury-ct.org
Ed Bailly WPCA 203-758-2747 ebailly@middlebury-ct.org
Ed St. John Selectmen 203-758-2439 firstselectman@middlebury-ct.org
Edie Salisbury Town Clerk 203-758-2557 townclerk@middlebury-ct.org
Elaine Strobel Selectmen 203-758-2439 estrobel@middlebury-ct.org
Jack Proulx Fire Mrshl. 203-577-6740 jproulx@middlebury-ct.org
Janice LeDuc Library 203-758-2634 jleduc@middlebury-ct.org
Jean Dawes Tax Office 203-758-1373 jdawes@middlebury-ct.org
Jenny Norton Public Wrks. 203-577-4170 jnorton@middlebury-ct.org
JoAnn Cappelletti Social Svcs. 203-577-4166 jcappelletti@middlebury-ct.org
Jo-Ann LoRusso Library 203-758-2634 jlorusso@middlebury-ct.org
Ken Long WPCA 203-758-2747 kenlong@middlebury-ct.org
Kim Connors MVFD 203-577-4036 kconnors@middlebury-ct.org
Kris Tiso BH&LU* 203-577-4162 ktiso@middlebury-ct.org
Kevin Dawes B&G 203-577-4165 kdawes@middlebury-ct.org
Larry Hutvagner Finance 203-577-4161 lhutvagner@middlebury-ct.org
Liz Callahan Human Res. 203-577-4163 ecallahan@middlebury-ct.org
Mike McCormack Selectmen 203-758-2439 mmccormack@middlebury-ct.org
Nancy Robison Registrar 203-577-2061 nrobison@middlebury-ct.org
Ollie LeDuc BH&LU 203-577-4162 oleduc@middlebury-ct.org
Robin Williams Police 203-577-4030 rwilliams@middlebury-pd.org
Sean Howard Social Svcs. 203-577-4166 showard@middleebury-ct.org
Health District
TAHD 203-577-4011 healthdept@middlebury-ct.org
Tony Bruno MVFD 203-598-0715 abruno@middlebury-ct.org
Tracy Graziano Recreation 203-758-2520 tgraziano@middlebury-ct.org
Trish Traver Assessor 203-758-1447 ptraver@middlebury-ct.org

*Building Health & Land Use


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