Welcome to Middlebury, Connecticut
Welcome to Middlebury, Connecticut

How to Become a Volunteer on a Board, Commission or Committee

If you are a reisdent of the Town of Middlebury and are interested in becoming a volunteer on a Board, Commission or Committee, you will need to send a letter of interest to your party's Middlebury Town Committee Chairman directly. 


Once the party nominating committee has had an opportunity to review your letter and any credentials, and if there are any immediate vacancies your name and the names of any other qualified interested parties will be forwarded for recommendation to the

Board of Selectmen. 


The Board of Selectmen will then vote their choice of candidate

onto the appropriate Board, Commission or Committee.


Republican Town Committee

Tom King, Chairman



Democratic Town Committee
Curt Bosco, Chairman

P. O. Box 355

Middlebury, CT  06762



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